Hotel and Leisure Centre

Project Type: Commercial
180kW air-source installation

Acutely aware of rising fossil fuel prices, the management of the acclaimed Riverside Park Hotel sought to find an eco-friendly way to protect the business from volatile energy costs.Geothermal Solar designed and installed a system to meet the hotel’s high demand for space heating and domestic hot water.In addition to providing heating and DHW for both the hotel and leisure club, warm water for the swimming pool and Jacuzzi is also heated using the 180kW heat pump array.The hotel’s heating distribution network was upgraded by replacing the traditional radiators with low temperature Dimplex SmartRads. These allow the hotel to be heated with 40°C water, significantly reducing energy demands.

  • 3 x 60kW air-source heat pumps
  • 110 Dimplex SmartRads
  • 2000 litre DHW cylinder
  • 1000 litre heating buffer tank
  • Titanium swimming pool heat exchanger
  • Glycol beer-cooling system by REL integrated with heating system to recover waste heat for DHW preparation
  • Remote monitoring system allows 24-hour access to heat pump operating data over the web

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