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Hotel and Leisure Centre


  • 3x60kW air-source heat pumps
  • Dimplex SmartRads - 110
  • DHW cylinder, 2000L
  • Heating buffer tank, 1000L
  • Titanium swimming pool heat exchanger
  • Glycol beer-cooling system by REL integrated with heating system to recover waste heat for DHW preparation
  • Remote monitoring system allows twenty four hour access to heat pump operating data over the web

Acutely aware of rising fossil fuel prices, the management of the acclaimed Riverside Park Hotel sought to find an eco-friendly way to protect the business from volatile energy costs.Geothermal Solar designed and installed a system to meet the hotel’s high demand for space heating and domestic hot water.In addition to providing heating and DHW for both the hotel and leisure club, warm water for the swimming pool and Jacuzzi is also heated using the 180kW heat pump array.The hotel’s heating distribution network was upgraded by replacing the traditional radiators with low temperature Dimplex SmartRads. These allow the hotel to be heated with 40°C water, significantly reducing energy demands.


EIPC Offices, Moscow


  • 5 x 70℃ HP supplying 549kW COP 6.3
  • 1 x Solar thermal system
  • Active and passiv cooling during operation
  • System in cooling mode COP 7.5
  • Co2 annual reduction = 460 tonnes
  • ROI = 2.85 years (Capex difference over conventional system)

The remit to achieve COP > 6 at an ambient air temperature of -28℃ for 5 days in heating and supply cooling at an ambient temperature of 35℃

  • Geothermal vertical bore hole collector which consists of 65 bore holes and a solar thermal installation
  • We connect the solar installation to the coldest point in the system which is the geothermal collector
  • This ensures we will harvest energy at all times.
  • Distribution system is key. Heating flow temperature required is 28c and a cooling flow temperature of 16℃
  • The distribution system in this installation is a capillary tube system
  • Replace GAS district heating and conventional chillers (Conventional system Russia)
  • Perma frost 2mtre deep
  • Operating temperatures:
    • Low = - 28℃
    • High = + 35℃
  • 28℃ water required for heating & 55༠c for DHW

Mount Juliet Golf Course, Ireland


  • 10 Geothermal Heat-pumps on a district 13 number vertical borehole collector.
  • Along with 10 Solar Panel installations.
  • 2 kilometres of vertical boreholes in the Walled Garden.
  • 1.2 kilometres of the ring main that the Heat-pumps are connected to.
  • This System provides all the Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water for the 10 houses in the Walled Garden.

Since this first installation at the Golf Course, we have since installed 12 more heat-pump installations. Eleven of these installations are integrated with Solar Panel systems. The combined Heat-pump output is 220Kw on this site.

Three of the Heat-pump installations are on individual buildings, while ten of the heat-pumps are in the Walled Garden Complex.


Edmonstown Golf Club, Ireland

This installation was a Heat-pump Glycol cooling system to supply all Beer cooling and Cold Stores Chilling for the Club House bars and kitchens. This system also had a heat recovery system on the condensed refrigerant gas, which supplies the Domestic Hot Water (DHW)for the club house shower facalities in the changing rooms and the DHW for the kitchens and bars. This Project won the 2013 European HVAC Awards in London.

Cambo House, Scotland


  • 1 x 70℃ HP supplying 100kW COP 3.5 and 1 x 110kW oil condensing boiler COP 0.98
  • Co2 annual reduction = 1,600 tonnes
  • ROI = 3.30 years (includes RHI)
  • System Annual Energy Reduction = 877.93MW

There are a lot of sites that are alongside running water or have running water passing through the site.

This is approached as a nuisance rather than a benefit to be used as an Energy source.

Key considerations for this project:

  • Replace 8 x Boilers & 38 water tanks
  • The river water is 5℃ at the Lowest Temperature
  • 55℃ water required for heating & 60℃ for DHW



Shandong, China


  • 2MW Absorption chiller providing cooling to the factory
  • The return water to the Chiller Unit is 32༠c
  • 700 tonnes of 70༠c water required / day
  • 4 x 90༠c HP's supplying 1.377MW COP 4.1
  • 1.04MW pre cooling to the Absorbtion Chiller
  • Co2 annual reduction = 1,600 tonnes
  • ROI = 3.85 years
  • System Annual Energy Reduction = 5454MW

Hotel Isaacs, Cork


  • 2 x 70℃ HP supplying 110kW COP 4.5
  • 2 x Gas condensing boilers supplying 300kW COP 0.98
  • Active cooling during operation
  • System in cooling mode COP 7.5 (Supplying Free DHW)
  • Co2 annual reduction = 257.61 tonnes

Remit reduce the energy input requirements of the complete complex, while reducing the carbon footprint of the hotel being as green as possible.

  • The distribution system in this installation is a capillary tube system.
  • Replace hotel & apts. GAS Boilers 1 x 990 kW boiler + 11 x 14kW boilers
  • 28℃ water required for heating & 55℃ for DHW

16℃ water required for cooling


Carton House, Ireland

GS Renewable design and install an Air Source Heat-pump system to provide space heating and DHW for a new €2,500,000 Show House on Carton Estate.

This Building achieves an A3 energy rating.

 This project provides all the space heating through an Under-floor heating system, and all the DHW requirements, for the showers / baths and the kitchen. The system is a bivalent system which is an integrated system of a Gas Condensing boiler and an Air Source Heat-pump.


Feddinch, St Andrews, Scotland

This Project consists of a Geothermal Heat-pump open loop system. The Heat-pump will use a Water Well as its heat source, and after the heat is transferred from the water, this water will then be the supply water for the artificial river shown in the drawing below which is flowing down from the clubhouse to the lake at the bottom of the site.

The Heat-pump system will supply all the heating for the clubhouse and 45 members suites, this will be provided through Underfloor heating and an AHU system.

The system will also supply the space cooling requirements to the clubhouse including the function rooms and bars through the AHU system. All of the DHW requirements will be provided for by the 250Kw Heat-pump installation.

There is a leisure club facility in this complex including a swimming pool and jacuzzi and the heating requirements of both the swimming pool and jacuzzi are provided for from this system. There are a separate Heat Recovery and Dehumidification system for the pool hall which will get its heat requirements from the Heat-pump system.


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