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GeoClimaDesign AG BLUEMAT

GeoClimaDesign AG BLUEMAT

GS Renewable is proud to be the sole agent for our partner in Germany, GeoClimaDesign’s revolutionary BLUEMAT system in Ireland.

BLUEMAT is a highly energy efficient combined heating

and cooling distribution system where system water

is passed through very thin capillary tubes providing

radiant heating or cooling.

BLUEMAT system installation on ceiling
BLUEMAT system installation in floor

The BLUEMAT system can be mounted on the ceiling,

floor or on walls and is highly flexible in its application

including retrofit applications offering an excellent alternative

to traditional underfloor heating systems.

The BLUEMAT control system allows for each zone in the system

to operate independently of one another to provide heating

or cooling as required to maintain thermal comfort

making it a truly versatile system.

Thermal image of BLUEMAT system in heating operation
BLUEMAT system installation in floor

BLUEMAT can provide heating at temperatures as low

as 30°c and cooling at temperatures as high as 19°c

providing unparalleled efficiency and lower running costs

than traditional heating distribution systems.

The system is compatible with any wet heating or cooling source and is a perfect

accompaniment to our modular plantrooms to maximise efficiency of energy use in your premises.

BLUEMAT can also be used as heat collector for heatpump installations on

the outside of a building or under PV solar panels.

BLUEMAT system installation beneath PV panels

GeoClimaDesign AG manufactures the BLUEMAT system in their purpose built production facility in Fürstenwalde, Spree, Germany.  A refined automated process where matting is extruded in made-to-measure sections ensuring a precise and robust matting system pressure tested and ready for installation on site. BLUEMAT capillary tubes and pipework are guaranteed for 15 years while other components of the system are guaranteed for industry standard warranties of 2 to 5 years.

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