Standard Heat Pump Plant Rooms

The foundation of our product offering is our standard modular heat pump plant room. This offering can be implemented across all industries. We have combined our decades of experience in designing and building award winning heat pump installations to bring our customers a standard modular heat pump plant room that ensures scalability and cost-efficiency.

Our standard modular plant rooms can satisfy most space heating, cooling and hot water requirements of up to 70°C and can be installed with most conventional heating distribution systems such as radiators and underfloor heating or for the most efficient results it can be combined with GeoClima BlueMAT.


Realising the difficulties involved in installing both new and retrofit heating and cooling systems, we chose to direct our focus towards off-site production and packaging our renewable heating and cooling systems in a modular offering.

This allows us to better control both the cost of the plant room and the quality to ensure the finished product maintains our high standards of finish and performance. This minimises the time spent on site by GS Renewable and reduces the disturbance to the end user and reduces embedded carbon in our plant rooms.

This in turn allows us to offer a more affordable solution in comparison to traditional on-site implementation of heat pump installations.


Our modular heat pump plant room installations are timely and cost effective when it comes to upgrading / implementing new heat pump systems. This is accomplished without compromising the attention to detail GS Renewable are renowned for.

Our modular heat pump plant rooms are a “plug and play” solution that will allow the customer to have preparatory works on site completed by a local contractor with guidance from GS Renewable.


GS Renewable are an industry leader in efficiency and performance of heat pump installations. Our maintenance support team offers ongoing maintenance and service call-outs to our customers to maintain the performance and reliability of your plant room.

In addition, GS Renewable can help you obtain optimum performance in an even more programmatic approach by utilising an add-on option of our monitoring app powered by Clarity (Cool Planet) where our team can be consulted on how to best tweak the system to gain optimum efficiency backed by data.

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